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A very special Thank You


Etye Mimi & Gashe Tadesse, Addis Ababa, 2005

Getatchew and his family are forever grateful for the many people from all over the world who aided them in their time of need. He would not have found a new home to safely raise his family, let alone further his career, without their help.  But it is to Etye Mimi - Misrak's sister - and Gashe Tadesse whom Getatchew remained the most indebted. Without hesitation, they jumped in and handled of all his affairs, including maintaining his house and taking in his children while he was away at rehab. They treated his children as if they were his own, and ensured their safe delivery to their new home in the US to be reunited with him and Misrak.

As Getatchew was reaching the final days of his long battle with his illnesses, it was with a heavy, broken heart that he learned of Gashe Tadesse's sudden passing due to Covid related complications in March of 2021. (But true to Getatchew's determination and fight regardless of the circumstances, the very next morning he asked when he would be getting his Covid vaccine.) Losing these two patriarchs within months of each other was especially hard on the family. May their souls rest in eternal peace.


Minnesota, 1980

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