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Profiles, Interviews & Scholarly Work

Learn more about Prof. Getatchew by listening to the interviews and profiles in the selected videos posted below; or explore his scholarly works by visiting his profile at Research Gate or his Amazon Store to access to some of his many publications. To take a deeper look at the Ethiopian manuscripts that Prof. Getatchew made accessible to the world, visit HMML's website here.

Voices of the Community, Dr Getatchew Haile, Ethiopia

Regents Professor Emeritus of Medieval Studies and Cataloguer of Oriental Manuscripts at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library at Saint John's University, on the topic of Ethiopian Manuscripts

credit: 2013 Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Hill Museum Manuscript Library

This is an interview with Getatchew Haile, PhD, Cataloger and Curator Emeritus of Ethiopian Manuscripts at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML, Collegeville, Minnesota). For more about HMML, visit; to view Ethiopian manuscripts in HMML's digital library, visit the vHMML Reading Room at

2011 Medal Winner: Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Father Columba Stewart, director of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library in Collegeville, MN, sits down with Dr. Getachew Haile to discuss how he became the library's Cataloguer of Oriental Manuscripts and Curator of the Ethiopian Study Center after fleeing his native Ethiopia.

Reyot - Interview with Professor Getatchew Haile

Part 1

Ras Media, July 24 2021

የሊቀ ሊቃውንት ፕሮፌሰር ጌታቸው ኃይሌ የመታሰቢያ ፕሮግራም

Reyot - Interview with Professor Getatchew Haile

Part 2

Sheger FM Yechewata Engida

Sheger FM Yechewata Engida - Professor Getatchew Haile With Meaza Birru ፕሮፌሰር ጌታቸው ኃይሌ - አንደኛ ሳምንት ክፍል አንድ Sheger FM 102.1 Radio is The First Private FM Radio Station in Ethiopia #Ethiopia #ShegerFM #YechewataEngida

Philosophy of Art and Science, ep 84

arke merha gibru (friend of the show) dcn. mehari returns to remember the incomparable and tireless professor getatchew haile. a man both of us try to emulate, as we craft our own lanes in the field of ethiopian studies.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

On Being with Krista Tippett: Columba Stewart + Getatchew Haile, Preserving Words and Worlds

Saint John’s University and Abbey in rural Minnesota houses a monastic library that rescues writings from across the centuries and across the world. There are worlds in this place on palm leaf and papyrus, in microfilm and pixels. And the relevance of the past to the present is itself revealed in a new light. Click here to listen to the interview.

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